Dolce&Gabbana art | The slow juicer is decorated with a sunburst motif typical of western Sicily, called a stidda, at the centre of which is depicted the aciddazzu, an image drawn from the Sicilian iconographic tradition. Dominating the central part is a decoration called ‘ncudduriuna, a sequence of rounded forms inspired by the Arabic decoration that influenced the style of Palermitan painting. Finally, a horizontal band contains geometric triangular forms called crocchiole, within which are depicted Sicily’s many varieties of citrus and other fruits.

Cold press Slow Squeezing Technology™ • Silk screen & lithography Dolce&Gabbana art inspired print motif • PureJuice™ density regulation (with “reverse” feature to adjust amount of pulp) • Maximum juice extraction with high pressure Ultem™ system (43rpm) • Intrinsic rotating brush (infused with 4 silicon brushes for pure extraction) • 500ml Tritan™ BPAFREE juice jug • Built-in cord wrap • 150 W power range

1L juice container • 1.6L pulp container • 2 strainers (fine & coarse) • 2 carafes • 2 rotating brushes • 2 cleaning brushes • Juicing recipe book

This product comes with a 2 year warranty for domestic use.